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As the days grow shorter and an Autumn chill sets in, we’re glad to be invited to visit the re-launched Little Curry House on Byres road.

Even from across the street there’s something about the brightly lit restaurant that exudes friendliness and warmth.

This is the first time that guests will be sitting down for a meal in the popular West End restaurant after a long 18 months of closure thanks to lockdowns and a total refitting.

Knowing this, there’s a real buzz amongst the hungry diners who begin to gather outside.

Our very first impression as we’re welcomed into the Little Curry House from the cold? Little is right.

This tiny space is set over two floors, with a small number of booths and stools downstairs and a secluded seating area upstairs.

They use their size to their advantage going for a cosy vibe which really does make use of every corner.

We walk past a compact kitchen full of activity and lively chatter. As we wait to be shown to our table we’re distracted by the vibrant colours and smells coming from a multitude of different dishes that start to line up on the pass.

Already we know this is going to be good…

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